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The Gewanthaus

The Leipzigers knew the high and low
must join in festive union.
The Gewandhaus,
where music flourished,
housed the town's library,
with its treasured manuscripts,
and warehoused linen for later sale
with bolts of other cloth.

Music was king and queen,
but the people were practical.
Why waste space?
Clara Schumann lost herself
on stage time and time again,
while the building kept
its functional feet planted,
striking its own harmonic chord.
The artists surely must go home,
put the children to bed,
bank fires for the night,
and still soar right out beyond earth's orbit.

Book available at Amazon and or Finishing Line Press, P. O. Box 1626, Georgetown, KY 40324.

Shots On
Poems on the lives of women pioneers in photography form the first section of the book, Early Women Photographers: Apertures Open. The second half of the book contains more personal poems on photography, entitled, Amateur: Freeze Frame.

Vanishing Point
Poetry on works of art, artists and the life of art.


The northern light of Dutch painters ...
I fell in love with it at 6-years-old.
How it caressed neat tiles,
fabrics, stilled flesh.
Later I lived on the North Sea,
winter light as rare as a warm room.
How the painters must have loved it.
I remember the shock of Greek islands
on a movie screen in December,
so spendthrift with white and color
on a blue sea as we drowned,
day by day, in gray. Little jewels,
these paintings, and no wonder,
for precious commodities, hard found,
an illumination on loved things,
these are held dear.

The Dawn Seekers
This 1988 Southwest Book Award winner "informs and entertains as the main character, Quentin, the kangaroo rat, must struggle to survive and to learn about the world.  His teacher is a jerboa.  In their quest for knowledge, they decide that Quentin must see the color green."

The Mystery of Black Mesa
A world of desert danger and a dinosaur dig is the one Scally must deal with to protect his mother and sister as they try to survive in a tent in what was once known as No Man's Land in the panhandle of western Oklahoma.

I'm Not From Neptune
Along with a lot of other stuff that smart fifth graders find interesting, Allie was into astronomy.  He knew what to expect in the constellations.

But, what is a kid to do, even a very smart one, when he accidentally focuses on a classmate being battered in her own home?

Breaking Bread, Breaking Silence
Chiron Review Chapbook Award winner for poetry, 2000. Poetry about the history, mythology, human meaning of food. 48 pages.

Gold: Greatest Hits 1968-2000
This book has 12 selected poems which were most requested for re-prints and readings from throughout the author's writing career with text on the writing and history of each poem.

Once the Dust
Winner of the 1992 Oklahoma Book Award for poetry.

Legends of Poland
A series of Polish legends written as told to the author by expatriots who felt their stories were being repressed and lost during the years of the Communist rule of Poland.

Vanishing Point

Editor's Choice poetry chapbook from Main Street Rag Press.

Poetry Chapbook from Finishing Line Press
Poems on the intertwined lives and loves of Clara and Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms
Poetry Chapbook
Works on early women photographers and the art of photography.
Editor's Choice poetry chapbook from Main Street Rage Press.
Award-winning Poetry Chapbook
Poetry chapbook of most requested poems over the years. Pudding House Invitational Series
Award winning poetry chapbook
Middle Grade Novel
"The desert setting is unusual...the story will adapt well as a classroom read-aloud."
The story of a gifted boy with a love of astronomy who forgets his problems in trying to save a friend.
Middle Grade Mystery
A Cherubim Award winner, the story of a dinosaur dig and a mystery a boy must solve to protect his mother and sister.
Folk literature
Retellings of favorite Polish legends.