Carol Hamilton

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Vanishing Point

Editor's Choice Chapbook from Main Street Rag Press of North Carolina.

Poetry on works of art, artists, and art in our lives.


The northern light of Dutch painters ...
I fell in love with it at 6-years-old.
How it caressed neat tiles,
fabrics, stilled flesh.
Later I lived on the North Sea,
winter light as rare as a warm room.
How the painters must have loved it.
I remember the shock of Greek islands
on a movie screen in December,
so spendthrift with white and color
on a blue sea as we drowned,
day by day, in gray. Little jewels,
these paintings, and no wonder,
for precious commodities, hard found,
an illumination on loved things,
these are held dear.

Vanishing Point

Editor's Choice poetry chapbook from Main Street Rag Press.

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