Carol Hamilton

The poets in this invitational series write about their lives as poets focusing on how the whole life affects their works. The poet chooses twelve poems from across the years which have been most in demand for readings and reprintings. The poet tells of the history of each piece. Order from: Pudding House Publications 60 N. Main St. Johnstown Ohio 43031 (740)967-6060

Gold: Greatest Hits 1968-2000

Thoughts on a Poster of Art Garfunkel
Recording in a Cathedral

In the nave of day ...
Silent, lofty, unapproachable,
That time of day which never comes,
Stone cool and quiet,
Where I may touch myself
With inner-words as
Yet unspoken, lifting my Kyrie eleison
Into the shadowed arches,
In the nave of day ...
Is an unpeopled hush
I cannot hear.

Vanishing Point

Editor's Choice poetry chapbook from Main Street Rag Press.

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