Carol Hamilton

"Poetry editors daily must sample a lot of very bland poetry recipes, so I remember with joy when I first began 'Tasting the World' of Carol Hamilton's poetry. Here, in BREAKING BREAD, BREAKING SILENCE, Ms. Hamilton has nourished us with lyrical food, spicy or delicately flavored, but never bland. These are roll-around-in-your-mouth, succulent, delicious poems to be savored again and again." Terry Hoyland, Poetry Editor, POTPOURRI. Order from

Breaking Bread, Breaking Silence

Winner of the 2000 Chiron Review Poetry Chapbook Award, this book of poetry contains 48 pages of poetry related to the history, philosophy,and theology of food and how it binds our human connections.

Preparing the Feast

Eating our history, we come
again, greatgrandmother,
grandfather, the daughter,
sons, and many children come,
knowing the ingredients.
Time swirls gently at the
kitchen sink, where again
the ham rind is sliced
free and the fat is rubbed
sugary, scored, and clove
spikes pierce down, find
diamond corners easily
and slip in. Or the turkey
is splay-legged in the sink
so the sagey smelling bread,
onions, buttery celery can
be pressed in, pressed in.
The steps so often repeated
signal memories which have
no pictures to them. There
are ritual smells, sacrifices,
roasted flesh and long oneness,
each of us pressed in, fitted
one to another, gathered at
an ancient table.

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